The following is our core set of essential beliefs in case you are interested in knowing where we stand. These are the beliefs we have unity on and on which we base our decisions.

Cravings are intense. We all have cravings for different things. Some have a sweet tooth. Others crave sleep. It is something we don't feel we can live without. We examine…
We examine what it means to really live as Exiles from the book of 1 Peter
We begin our study of 1 Peter with the Introduction from the letter. Our goal is to see what it means to follow Jesus in a world where we are…
We conclude our Redemption Stories with a recap from Jesus and the celebration of communion
We explore Paul's encounter with Jesus and how his pattern of legalism was changed to a God of grace.
Peter is an example of how God uses our failures as part of His Redemption Story
We explore the life of Jesus, the hero of our story.
Redemption Stories - Ruth
Redemption Stories: Isaiah
Redemption Stories: Esther