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Nehemiah makes a bold ask of the King of Persia.
We explore the story of Nehemiah and his leadership to rebuild, restore, and renew the people of Israel and their relationship with God.
This week we continue to learn how to have joy in Christ. Not only in our circumstances but even in spite of them through true mentors of Christ.
This week in Philippians, Paul was inspired to encourage us to run a race with the goal of the reward from Christ. What is this race and how can we…
We continue in our study of the book of Philippians. Paul's admonition is to "rejoice in the Lord!" Joy comes from where we put our confidence. Where are we putting…
This week we continue in the book pf Philippians. What does it mean to be "lights in the world" and how can we accomplish this while being so isolated?
We continue in our series from the book of Philippians. This week we focus on Paul's admonition to have the mind of Christ. What does this mean and how can…
We continue our series from the book of Philippians and we learn the keys to unity.
This week we continue in our series based on the letter to the Philippians. Listen to learn how to follow Paul's example in staying faithful through trying times.
This week we continue our discussion in Philippians and learn what we can do to increase our joy amidst these difficult times.