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The weariest person in the Nativity scene is likely Mary. We see what causes Mary to rejoice even after all the fear of the unknown and the trek to Bethlehem…
The Christmas story teaches us that God doesn't write anyone off. We explore the most unlikely people to be at the King's birth: the shepherds.
We explore how to rejoice in a weary world this Christmas.
We see the conclusion to our series with Nehemiah coming back to inspect Jerusalem after 12 years.
Do you see this year's pandemic as an interruption or a disruption? Are you waiting for things to return to "the way we've always done it" or are you seeing…
Ezra reads the law. The people weep then rejoice at the news found in the Law.
We find that there is not only criticism from without but division from within. Unity and generosity are the keys we learn today.
Handling criticism is a key component of leadership. Join us as we see Nehemiah handle criticism about the work in Jerusalem.
We look at the list of people that rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem. From nobles to perfume makers, we see it takes everyone to achieve the vision.
Nehemiah demonstrates how to cast vision to the people and the results are miraculous!