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We continue in our series called "Experiencing God" as we learn to join God in His will for us by making adjustments, large and small, in our life.
We continue our series called "Experiencing God" as we explore the Crisis of Belief that occurs after hearing God speak.
We continue our series in Experiencing God exploring how God speaks to us.
We continue our series in Experiencing God looking at Reality 3: God Invites You
We look at how God did more than tell us He loves us. He showed us through Jesus.
We explore the first reality of Experiencing God: God Is At Work Around You. We all want God to speak to us but what if He is already trying in…
We kick off a new series looking at the seven realities for knowing and doing God's will.
We explore the role of transformation in the life of a Jesus follower.
We explore how God used one of the most unlikely people, Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee and persecutor of the church, to become a missionary to the entire world.
We explore the calling on Jeremiah's life to become a prophet to the nations and how God was with Jeremiah through the transition.