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We were meant for deeper things. The habits we explore help us find just how deep a walk with God can be.
By not allowing certain voices, including our own, to speak the wrong messages we can say yes to hearing the right things from God.
Matthew 16:21-23 - How did Jesus respond to people trying to control Him? Recorded live at the In-person Worship Experience at Grace Park Church in Spring Hill, TN
We continue our Boundaries Series looking at how to say Yes to Community.
We continue our series in Boundaries learning to say yes to God by examining how Jesus lived a busy life but remained calm by focusing on what matters most.
We explore Biblical boundaries. Boundaries are saying no to things in order to say yes to better things. Jesus had boundaries. In fact, Jesus disappointed people. Join us as we…
We explore the most exciting of the three prayers: praying that God would use us.
We explore what may be the hardest of the three prayers to explore: Praying for God to break us in order to use us.
We start a new series looking at Courageous Prayers. Some would call them dangerous prayers and both are accurate. It takes courage to pray the prayers we are looking at…
We examine Jesus as our King. Jesus is so different from kings, celebrities, and other people in power. We see Jesus is approachable unlike anyone else during this Christmas Season.