The following is our core set of essential beliefs in case you are interested in knowing where we stand. These are the beliefs we have unity on and on which we base our decisions.

We continue our series by exploring how God works on His timetable and not on ours.
We explore unsubscribing to the message of worry, fear, and anxiety and subscribing to what God sees in us.
We celebrate Easter by looking at Peter's restoration after denying Jesus.
We conclude our series in Joshua with the legacy that Joshua left and the reminder that God fights for us.
We continue our exploration of the Book of Joshua as we see the only battle Joshua loses in his campaign to take Canaan.
We explore the first and only defeat of the Israelites and what caused the failure.
We examine the taking of Jericho and what it means for us today.

We explore help from an unexpected place: Rahab the Prostitute.
We start our series looking at how God approaches raising up Joshua as the leader for his people. We all face adversity. Adversity is necessary to show strength and courage.