The following is our core set of essential beliefs in case you are interested in knowing where we stand. These are the beliefs we have unity on and on which we base our decisions.

We explore the story of Joseph: favorite son, hated by his brothers and sold into slavery. But God used his situation to show redemption and forgiveness to his family.
Moving from the big city, loss of his father, encountering God: Abraham experienced a lot of changes in his life and we see how God shows Himself strong in his…
We continue our Unsubscribe Series as Larry Harold explores Elijah and his choice to disconnect from community.
We explore how our identity is found in how God sees us and not needing to "be someone else" to gain the approval of others. You are enough.
Needs are all around us. We can grow numb without realizing we are called to a purpose and mission to see the Gospel transform the entire world. Where to begin?…
Comparison is part of our culture and many times leads to despair and guilt but as followers of Jesus we can choose another path that leads to joy.
We explore how lust affects all of us in different ways and how to find our help in Jesus.
We explore the need to seek revenge instead of subscribing to forgiveness.
We continue our series by exploring how God works on His timetable and not on ours.
We explore unsubscribing to the message of worry, fear, and anxiety and subscribing to what God sees in us.