The following is our core set of essential beliefs in case you are interested in knowing where we stand. These are the beliefs we have unity on and on which we base our decisions.

The religious leaders had added 613 laws on top of the laws of the Bible. People were worn out and tired of religion. Jesus comes to give us life. Join…
Jesus Is ___. How would you finish that sentence. The first Easter Jesus changed everything. He came to this earth, took on flesh and showed us what it was like…
We explore service as our posture as we lead.
Why did God choose David? He wasn't the biggest, the strongest, the best in any category compared to anyone. He wasn't the first choice even among his brothers! His father…
We look at what it means to make the most of every opportunity to be a follower of Christ in our world.
We continue our series in Core Values by looking at two: Authenticity and Excellence. Most people think you can't value both. Join us as we see what they look like…
We start our study in core values by looking at our cornerstone: Biblical Truth.

Psalm 138

February 7, 2016
The LORD will fulfill his purpose for you. HisĀ love is steadfast, unchanging and endures forever.

Psalm 84

January 31, 2016
One day in the place where God has put us as better than a thousand where He doesn'tĀ intend for us to be.

Psalm 40

January 17, 2016
We continue our series in the Psalms examining where King David was in the midst of waiting and being afraid and where he places his trust.